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Private Lessons At Elite Self-Defense Academy

    Have You always wanted to study martial arts but never had the time because of your schedule ?


    Do You Need To Learn Self-Defense because of your job or travels or just to personally feel safe… but don't have the time because of kids, work or other scheduling conflicts ?

    Then you definitely need to call us… 925-449-5715

    Private Lessons are so much better than group lessons...
    Let's tailor a program for you based on what your needs are. Our schedule can also be flexible.  We can train in the mornings, early afternoons, late evening and weekend. And the schedule can be flexible.
    Now look at what some of my students are doing...
    * A SFPD Officer studies traditional Judo and learns self-defense for fun, fitness and personal safety.
    * A Retired gentleman studies personal safety because he travels abroad to foreign countries.
    * A woman studies for fitness and personal safety. She has children and studies while they are in school.
    * A woman studies for personal safety because she works with troubled teens. * A corporate office studies traditional jujitsu for fun, fitness and self-defense.
    What do you want to study and when do you want to do it. Call Today 925-449-5715
    Here are some examples of what we can study... Double Click On The Video To Enlarge It. 

    You can learn Jujitsu

    We can also train in Kodokan Judo

    Maybe Brazilian Jiujutsu catches your fancy–Let me show you the proper way

    My specialty is teaching defensive tactics that work in real life violence against you–This alone will be worth you investment in my class. 


    We can concentrate on one of these or combine different disciplines into a structured class for you.


    Call today 925-449-5715



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    Step 1. Pick up the phone and call us at 925-449-5715

    Step 2. Come in and let's schedule and talk about your party.

     Call us today.

    We are Elite Self-Defense   2247 Second St. in Livermore (right next to the bank of the west by the post office)

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